I'm Jeffrey (and I make pots!)

I've been a potter for 11 years after realizing just how happy clay made me at the University of Southern Maine. After graduating, I made my way to the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, where I got to combine my love of ceramics with my strong desire to play lawn games. 

In 2009 my gal and I ventured to western Massachusetts where, with some luck, I had landed a three year apprenticeship with Mark Shapiro of Stonepool Pottery. There I got to hone my skills, try out new ideas, and get to know tons of great potters. 

After my apprenticeship, I returned to the great state of Maine and set up my studio in the sweet little town of Bowdoinham. I'm currently renovating a new studio space at my home in Litchfield, Maine. When I'm not at the wheel you can find me planting gardens or tromping through the woods and fields with my wife Ali and dog Waldo.

Find My Work:

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Friends + Idols:

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